Classic CV/Resume Templates

We offer free classic resume templates. You can directly download any template. You just need to click on the download link. Classic resume examples adapt to all types of profiles. Classic templates are characterized by simple and elegant colors.

If you want a simple resume that is not too bold. These classic examples are perfect for your nominative profile. Download a classic resume template in Word and PowerPoint format and customize it according to your needs, then export it as a PDF.

Examples of classic resumes in Word format and free to download:

Why choose a classic resume?

The classic resume template is very easy to read. This will be a strong point against the other candidates. You will stand out from the crowd by keeping your resume simple.

This type of resume is clear. In addition, with beautiful designs, with a good choice of colors in particular. Whatever job you’re looking for, these simple yet personalized resume templates will do the trick. This makes it an ideal resume to keep the recruiter interested until the very end of their reading.

Tips for creating a successful CV ?

  • Rely on writing in a proper way, without grammatical or spelling errors, in writing a CV. Or use the spelling and grammar in Office checker.
  • Writing short CV paragraphs, as well as organized and understandable to facilitate reading by the HR manager.
  • Different and creative in terms of form, as well as clear and well arranged, making it easy to sort from hundreds of forms submitted for the same purpose (i.e. job application)
  • Responsive as much as possible to the requirements of the required offer (meaning writing the skills as well as the expertise required only in the advertisement for that position)