Modern CV/Resume Templates

Modern cv/Resume templates are nice to catch the attention of the employer, so focus on this point because it is important and download the resume/cv that matches your personality. The more creative your resume is, the more likely you are to stand out from your competitors. Always keep in mind that your CV should reflect your personality. So if you don't like this type of resume, choose one of our classic resume templates. Download a modern CV for free and export it to PDF format.

Modern CV template free download:

Why choose a modern CV?

For each job opening, companies and recruiters receive dozens of resume templates. How do you make your CV stand out? You have two solutions: first focus on the content and then focus on the look of the form. The best solution is to look for a good looking and quality model. A successful CV is one that catches the eye of employers in the first place. Nothing better than a modern resume to attract attention. In fact, using any template from this category will set you apart from other candidates.

An original cv / resume is also a way to show recruiters your creative side. Creativity is a trait that is particularly valued in certain sectors such as design and the arts. If you are applying in one of these areas, feel free to choose a modern resume!

How to create a modern Resume?

It doesn't get any easier: just download one of our free templates. Our modern cv / resume examples are fully editable. Once downloaded, you can simply fill in the different sections of your resume using PowerPoint & word. Now choose your modern resume to download and customize according to your information!