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If you want to create a professional CV/resume, you are in the right place. We offer free cv templates, Word and PowerPoint, ready to be modified, with a different and beautiful design that gives a good impression of you to the employer. Over 50 CV/resume templates are free to download, edit, print, or export in PDF format .

Our templates will help you a lot to write a resume for free in the best way, there are many designs and colors, and of course, you will find what suits your information, as we have examples with two columns or one column to fit the amount of your information without leaving large spaces that show the deficiency in your resume, and you can also change the fake information And take an idea from it in order to fill its place with the correct information.

Many CV templates, Word and PowerPoint to help you write a CV in a professional way that gives strength to your candidate file, as well as saves time and focuses only on writing your information in the CV that you have chosen. And to facilitate browsing, click on the sections such as original resume, classic resume, and modern resume. Download now the appropriate cv/resume for your personality as well as your position for free.

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Why is Curriculum Vitae important?

Curriculum vitae, in short, a CV, is a document that contains some professional information from experiences in previous jobs, academic certificates, and others. It is the first impression of any job seeker at the employer. Creating a resume (CV) is an important step in the search for a job, depending on your specialty as well as the job you are applying for. So you will need to customize it in order to catch the employer’s attention. And you are the one to whom the word “distinguished” applies. Of course, it is a beautiful and special thing to be among the first to use one of our new CVs, and this will give you more confidence in the job search stage.

How to download the CV/Resume from the site?

It is very easy without complications, all you have to do is go to the pages dedicated to the CV templates and click on the download link for any template you like, and then browse the example well because there is information that will help you first on how to modify the template and in the end you will find a download tab below the example and then it will be done Download directly to your computer. You can then modify it by adding your personal information and customize it according to your taste (colors, font, information…).